Why More Cyclists Are Choosing Augmentation

Cycling is one of the most popular physical activities on the planet. There are more bicycles in the world than any other kind of vehicle. Since their invention in the 19th-century, bikes have made travelling more convenient and fun. There are a plethora of benefits to cycling.

However, some women are held back because of their breast size and shape. They may be restricted due to physical discomfort or lack of confidence in the way their body looks. If this is the case, then they should consider a breast optimisation procedure from Motiva. Doing so will help them to achieve their cycling dreams.

Looking Great While Cycling

People who ride their bicycles on a regular basis will tend to wear tight-fitting gym clothes. These are designed to be aerodynamic and comfortable. The problem is that many women have body shapes that do not suit these clothing items. They may feel too restrictive or give them an unflattering appearance.

Luckily breast augmentation allows women to choose how they want their bodies to look. They could opt for a Motiva procedure that leaves them with breasts that fit very well in cycling gear. If they feel beautiful while riding, then this will likely encourage them to cycle much more often.

Comfortable Modern Implants

Natural breasts can sometimes hurt when exercising. If the pain is severe, then the woman may be put off cycling altogether. No matter how appealing getting on a bike may be, it will be physically impossible due to the pain. The same can also be said of the inferior traditional breast implants of the past.

However, Motiva ones are different because they give women a natural feel. They are designed to be comfortable enough to engage in day to day activities. These ergonomic implants will not get in the way of cycling. Patients can even opt for reconstruction if they change their mind later on.


The primary concern of patients will be their long term health after the procedure. Motiva states that their main goal is women’s health. Their surgeries are safe and performed by medical professionals. The company provides safety technology to people who want an improved body shape. Motiva also helps to spread breast cancer awareness via its site.

When people are able to cycle comfortably, they will also see a plethora of health benefits. The cardio workout will increase their overall fitness and burn fat. Regular cycling can prevent several diseases and strengthen the muscles. This activity has even been linked to improvements in mental health.

Increased Confidence

Looking good and feeling confident are usually linked. If a woman is happy with the way she looks while cycling, then she will be much more likely to engage in the activity on a regular basis. Breast augmentation can be beneficial in this regard. It allows patients to have better confidence in their overall appearance. This will tend to also have the added benefit of making them feel great in themselves.

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