Go Cleaner With Nicotine Pouches as You Cycle

If you have decided to take up cycling, two things are likely- you have chosen healthier living and are concerned about a cleaner environment. Well, you can push your goals even further by adopting nicotine pouches in place of cigarettes.

Why Nicotine Pouches

These eliminate the smoke element of cigarettes while still giving you the same kick that a drag delivers. They are also available in different flavours as you can find on the https://www.haypp.com/uk/ website. The site has a wide collection that includes mint, cola slim, and citrus. They also stock an array of vapes. A ten-pack of pouches goes for as little as £36.80. You can try out different flavours to find the one that suits your cycling experience best.

Moreover, with pouches – or vapes – the risk of fire to the environment is significantly reduced as you do not throw away lit butts. Used nicotine pouches and vapes can be safely disposed of in ordinary trash bags. It is advisable to wrap them in tissue to lower the chances of children or animals picking them and consuming them, given that the entire nicotine amount may not be exhausted at the time of disposal.

Using pouches will also help you get off cigarettes gradually, which is great for the health goal you are pursuing by cycling. It keeps your mind clear while you are on the road. This is an added safety advantage as you will always be alert.

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