Taking Nicotine on Cycling Trips

Society has embraced cycling as a healthy and enjoyable activity. At the same time it has shunned the act of smoking. Cigarettes have seen a significant drop in popularity. So, what if a bicycle owner wants to enjoy nicotine whilst out on a cycling trip? Luckily there are alternative consumption methods available.

Nicotine pouches are all the rage right now. Interestingly, spikes in sales of these products and bikes have occurred at around the same time. It therefore stands to reason that there will be people out there who enjoy both.

If the cyclist wants the best possible nicotine they need to get it from the right source. If they visit the website https://www.northerner.com/uk/ they will not be disappointed. It is filled with top quality products and enticing offers. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the strength and overall flavour of their nicotine. They are sure to find one that they like at Northerner.

Once the item has been ordered it can be discretely kept in their cycling jacket or backpack. They could consume the nicotine as a reward for hitting a cycling milestone. This is a great way to keep the activity fun.

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