The Best Bike Models for Fun Cyclers

Cycling is a fun and beneficial activity to engage in. Enthusiasts have a variety of bike models to choose from depending on what they intend to achieve from riding. There are several factors cyclists put into consideration before acquiring a bike. Some of these factors are the cyclist’s preferences, where they will be riding the bike and their budget, among other reasons. Below is a list of the best bike models to get for fun cycling.

1. Road Bikes

Road bikes are a light type of bike that are best ridden on smooth roads. These bikes are designed with dropped handlebars. Other notable features of this bike are the skinny and smooth tyres that make it perfect for smooth pavements. Most people find road bikes uncomfortable. They are a good model, especially to those looking for fun in cycling.

2. Touring Bikes

These bikes are fun to ride because they are suitable for touring purposes. With this kind of bike, you can cycle for long distances comfortably. It is a good tour bike since it accommodates cargo racks. These bikes have a lower range gear so that they can move smoothly on hilly roads even when carrying heavy loads.

3. Fitness Bikes

They are also called performance hybrid bikes and have lightweight frames. Fitness bikes are designed with narrow tyres for them to perform well on paved roads. They have flat handlebars which at times could have variations with an upright bar. The tyres can be customised to wider ones to ride on unpaved roads. The performance bikes have room for cargo racks, making them suitable for commuting.

4. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for riding on rough off-road terrain. They are made with flat handlebars that enable the cyclist to have an upright posture. These off-road bikes are fitted with suspensions to ensure comfort while manoeuvring through the rough trails. Also, their gear range is low so that pedalling on steep hills is made easier.

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