Safety Gear

If a bicycle is in good working order then it is an unlikely that an accident will occur. Despite this, there may be factors that are beyond the rider’s control. Crashes can still happen and when they do it is important that every rider is wearing the appropriate safety gear. This reduces the chances of them sustaining catastrophic injuries.


This is by far the most important piece of safety gear which all cyclists should wear when riding. In fact, numerous countries make it a legal requirement. If a crash occurs the head is particularly vulnerable to injury. The damage sustained to this part of the body can sometimes be life threatening. A good helmet will soften the impact from crashes and minimise the damage caused. Without a helmet it is very likely that more cyclists would die annually as a result of head injuries.

High Visibility Clothing

Wearing clothing that is easily seen by others on the road will help prevent crashes from happening in the first place. These clothes are essential for riders who take their bicycles out at night. High visibility cycling jerseys vary in price and can be purchased from sport stores throughout the UK.


The amount of strain that cycling puts on the hands is often overlooked. The fact is that over time constantly pressing the brakes and gear levers can damage the skin and muscles. For this reason, many riders choose to wear special bike gloves that protect the hands.

Eye Protection

Dirt and other small forms of debris can get into the eyes of cyclists when they are out riding. This is especially true for off road users. Furthermore, during bright days the sun can also affect people’s vision. These issues can be prevented with the use of goggles and sunglasses. The form of eye wear best suited to each rider will depend on where they drive their bicycles.

Padding Or Armour

The head is not the only part of the body that can sustain damage during a crash. Wearing padded clothing is a useful way to protect the more vulnerable areas. Some people even prefer to use special body armour. However, this clothing can be too heavy for long distance rides.

Waterproof Clothing

The weather can be unpredictable. Most cyclists will eventually find themselves in the rain. Wearing waterproof clothes will minimise the chances of catching a cold from prolonged exposure to water.

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