Cycling On TV

Cycling is regularly shown on TV shows in practically all popular fiction genres, from sitcoms to dramas. Adolescent characters tend to use them to get around as they are too young to drive cars. Other times the shows take place in the past, when bicycles were one of the most ideal means of transportation.


This western is set in a lawless frontier town. In one episode a local businessman shows off his new bicycle to the residents. It remains to be seen if the show’s recent return will also feature bike riding characters.

Stranger Things

Set during the 1980s, this science fiction adventure series follows a group of young friends who uncover a strange mystery. Throughout the series they get from place to place on their period bicycles. The tone of the show is set clearly in the opening sequence where they ride together through the dark streets.

South Park

This vulgar but popular animated sitcom has featured bikes on several occasions. One of the most recent examples is in the finale of season 21. The town puts on a large bike parade with ornately decorated bicycles.

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