Quick Release Wheels

In recent years quick release wheels have become popular with bicycle riders. They allow the front and/or back wheel to be removed from the vehicle with ease. This is usually done using a clamp that controls tension in the axle.

The Benefits

One of the biggest reasons to get this type of wheel is that they make fixing flats much easier. If the rider is out on the road all they have to do is release the clamp and deal with the puncture. These bikes are also useful for commuting. Removing a wheel will make the frame more compact for fitting onto buses and trains. For this reason many models of folding bike come with quick release wheels.

Safety Concerns

However, people should be cautious before buying a bike with quick release wheels. News sites such as the Daily Express have reported deadly crashes that were a result of wheels coming off the vehicle. In order to minimise the risks, buyers should only look for quick release wheels that come from reliable companies. Furthermore, they must be removed and put back on in the correct and secure way.

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