Fixing Flat Tyres

It is inevitable that eventually a bike tyre will lose its air. A flat tyre is often an inconvenience. This is especially true when out riding on the road. Knowing how to fix a flat is a useful skill to have.

For a temporary fix riders can carry a portable pump and puncture repair kit with them. This will allow them to refill the tyre with air and seal up the tear. However, this will only be adequate for a short while.

For a permanent fix the damaged tube will have to be removed and examined. Sometimes the puncture is small enough to be patched. Other times it will have to be replaced with a brand new one. In this scenario it is best to hire a professional bicycle mechanic to make sure that it is fitted properly.

The Dangers Of Riding On Flats

Even though it is possible to continue riding a bike even with a flat tyre this is not a safe thing to do. The rim could sustain damage, reducing the amount of steering control. This can end in a crash that causes serious injuries or in the worst case scenario, death.

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