Cycling As A Sport

Cycling is not just a fun recreational activity. It is also a form of sport that is enjoyed by competitors all over the world. Bicycle races can take place over long distances and difficult terrains. Alternatively, they may be short, fast paced events performed inside sporting centres. For over a century cycling has been a major part of the Olympic Games.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the biggest annual bicycle sporting events. This men’s race was established in 1903 and originally only French riders took part in it. However, over the decades competitors from all over the world have joined in.

It is primarily held in France. However neighbouring countries such as England also hold stages. There are usually 21 stages that take place over the course of 23 days. The Tour de France is extremely demanding and only the best racers are able to complete it.

Lightweight bikes and aerodynamic outfits are common in order to maximise the speed of riders. Large crowds are attracted to the event. In London roads are closed off to keep traffic away from the racers.

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