Tips on Choosing the Best Mountain Cycling Shoes

Do you enjoy mountain cycling? Do you use your regular sneakers? Well, I have some sad news for you. Your regular sneakers won’t cut it when it comes to ensuring your safety and comfort during mountain cycling. You need the right kind of footwear; mountain biking shoes.

There are various kinds of biking shoes in the market, such as mountain cycling shoes, road shoes, and triathlon cycling shoes. Each of these shoes has different types of “clip-in” or “clipless” technology that suits the terrain you plan to cycle in. So how will you be able to differentiate mountain biking shoes from other footwear? Read on to find out.

Get the Right Sole

The best shoe for mountain cycling has flat pedal, flat clipless pedal, or clipless pedal variations. If you are doing downhill biking, then the flat pedal shoe is the best because it has a grippy rubber sole that does clip you on the pedal. Also, due to their flexibility, they are very comfortable for walking.

Flat clipless shoes are very similar to flat pedal shoes. The only difference is that they have a mount that enables you to clip on to your pedal.

Lastly, there are clipless shoes. They come with a mount that attaches to your cleats. Clipping into the pedal cleats enhances your efficiency when you are cycling for a long distance. Clipless shoes are the best for cross country cycling due to their minimalistic and lightweight design and sturdy sole. Adidas makes some of the best mountain biking shoes that have all the features above.

Assess the Closure System

Apart from choosing the right sole, you also need to choose a closure system that caters to your safety, comfort, personal preferences, and cycling style. Your choices include a ratchet/Velcro combo, Velcro, BOA lacing, and laces.

1. Velcro

Even though you may want to avoid Velcro shoes for fear of looking as though you have no fashion sense, they are actually fashionable and functional for mountain biking. Velcro shoes are trendy because they are easy to wear and very affordable.

2. BOA Lacing

Some competitive cycling shoes use BOA lacing. BOA lacing is a technology that offers you a quick way to tighten your laces using a dial and loosen them using a button.

3. Laces

Lacing is the best option for the meticulous riders who want some customization to their shoes. As a safety measure, always make sure the laces are tucked in when riding.

4. Ratchet/Velcro Combo

After Velcro, the ratchet/Velcro combo shoes are the next most popular. Apart from having straps to secure the hindfoot and midfoot, they also have a ratchet system to secure your ankles.

In addition to the above factors, make sure you choose shoes that are:

  • Waterproof so that water does not penetrate and reach your feet if you are cycling in wet terrain.
  • Adequately ventilated to enable your feet to breathe and insulated to keep them warm.

Cycling should be enjoyable, safe, and fun. You can begin on the right foot by getting the correct mountain biking shoes.

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