Flatpack Or Assembled

When buying a bicycle people have the choice of either getting one that has already been assembled, or ordering a bike in flatpack form and build it themselves. There are pros and cons to both options. Knowing the right choice will depend on the buyer’s individual experience and skills.

Flat Pack

Being able to build your own bike can be a very rewarding thing to do. It is particularly fun for people who enjoy mechanics. Self assembly also gives the rider a greater sense of control when it comes to the construction of their vehicle. Throughout the building process they can learn about how bikes work. This knowledge can end up being useful in the event that their bicycle develops a fault.

However, if a person does not follow the instructions properly they can end up making mistakes. If the bike is not built properly then it can become too dangerous to ride. Every year, news publications such as The Guardian report on bicycle accidents due to mechanical faults. A wheel might come off while riding or the brakes could fail. Such mistakes have the potential to cause crashes which can injure or even kill the rider.


This is by far the most convenient way to buy a bike. There is no need to worry about putting it together. Any time that would be lost during assembly can now be spent on more important matters. Furthermore, the buyer is able to see what the bike looks like in person before making a purchase. This allows them to test it out in order to ensure it is the right model for them.

The main negative aspect of this option is that the rider will not be able to supervise the building of a bike. If a fault develops it will more difficult to determine its origin. They will also lose out on the unique and fulfilling experience of building their own vehicle.


Before making a decision over whether to purchase an assembled or flatpack bike, the buyer should consider how well they can follow instructions. If they are worried about making a mistake during assembly or want to have more free time then they should get an already built bicycle. On the other hand, if they want to invest their time and effort in order to have a greater level of control then flatpack is the ideal option.

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